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Race Report Easykart 2013 - Round 3 Shenington
Posted By Chris on 20/05/2013 20:28

It was just three short weeks after our most successful weekend to date at Clay when we arrived to test at a brand new circuit, Shenington near Banbury.

First impressions were it was a power circuit, an engine killer even and with the same gearing as Clay and a long lap it looked like the challenge was really on with the threat of rain hanging around in the air.  The first session went well and was dry, track learn it was time to start winding it up, the kart was running well but Bails was complaining of braking issues so we opted for new pads which helped.  During the third session the rain came and Bailey was flying on used wets, visibly quicker through the faster corners and quick in the all-important chicane, the tyres went off a bit quick though and the fronts were graining; useful information for setup on the Sunday, should the rain come again.  

We rocked up early on the Sunday; I was still feeling the effects of the dodgy Micky Ds (false economy) but the skies were clear and warm-up beckoned. Warm-up was positive, Bailey was P8 but the times were close, very close and the top 10 target would be a challenge.  Bailey seemed very relaxed heading to Quali and put down some good times finishing a creditable 7th, we were pleased and with just 0.980 seconds covering the top 16 runner’s it was very close.

In the heats Bailey and Jordan got stuck behind Jenson and his bogged down engine and all three lads lost 2 places as a result, leaving Bailey back in 9th on lap 1, great.  Bailey then settled and moved to 8th on lap 3 and followed this up with a swift move to take 7th the following lap, he was driving well and had good pace in the dry, happy days.  However on lap 6 the nightmare began, he put another move on, this time passing Jordan Sanders before dropping a chain on the exit of the hairpin and ending the race right there.

The dropped chain had done more damage than I thought possible, I asked Bailey, did you rev it much afterwards to which the reply came, “I didn’t realise Dad, sorry”.   Fair enough, these things happen but we now needed to get busy, proper busy.  The chain, front and rear sprocket, sprocket carrier, clutch housing, axle and roller bearing were all rather unhappy and needed replacing with happier ones.  Despite my best endeavours I stood no chance of getting him out for the Pre-Finial which is where the points start so I called on ACR (Thanks Andy).  We just made it out for the Pre, starting from 15th due to the DNF in the heats meant that Bails would have to push.  And boy did he push up to 9th in the now wet conditions on the first lap it looked like a top 10 was still on, right up until the point where the kart cut out, proper gutted.

With some help from ACR (Thanks again Andy) we identified an oily plug as the cause but to be honest myself and Bailey were not convinced, been here before.  It was pretty much championship over for us now, top 5 is the aim this year.  With both bad results at Whilton Mill and missing Llandow due to dates clash it looked impossible now we added a DNF in the pre.  For the final Bailey didn't t even bother getting his wet suit on as he thought he would only be out for a lap or two and I couldn't argue against this given the way the day had rolled but I should have.

In the final drivers do tend to go for it a bit more, last race syndrome is what I call it, and they did.  Bailey made a great start from the back along with Esmee and both drivers had made up a bunch of places before they came to the hair pin incident.   By the end of the first lap Bailey was running 8th and I was getting excited.  On lap 4 Matas made a mistake and dropped down to 8th as Bails passed for 7th, then 6th was his with a sweet move on Jenson.  Things then got better, Bailey was on it, not lifting and going flat where others just weren't and making up places all the time.  By lap 6 Bailey was running 4th, some 5 seconds behind the front three but he was not done yet.  Over the next 9 laps he set the lap times alight chasing down the leading 3 he moved past Esmee to take 3rd place and I was now it a state of shock.  With hardly any laps remaining Bailey slipped past James but James nicked 2nd back with a better exit; this was wheel to wheel action in very tricky conditions, no holds barred and no contact made.  In the closing stages Bailey put a move on James and this time it stuck and he was up to second for the checkered flag, just 1.4 seconds behind Jordan, what a race.

With the second place confirmed Bailey had managed to save his championship by going from 22nd to 2nd with some outstanding driving, which to be fair was present through the field in very difficult conditions.  Now we need to work on the dry pace a little more and contend with another new track next month.  Lying 8th in the championship just 23 points off 5th place, somehow it’s still on but missing a round and a new track still leaves this year in the balance, bring on Fulbeck.

Thanks again to Marky @ CrystalNet (www.crystal-net.co.uk)  for your assistance and also to all the guys who offered help when the chips fell down on around us Sunday, you know who you are. You gotta love EasyKart for that kind of spirit, I know we do and a bit of silverware definitely helps; that’s for sure.

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Posted by: Chris
Date: 20/05/2013 20:54:00

Photos: Graham Smith TSR Productions (I didn`t have my proper camera typical)

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