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Content Management Systems

Liquidus CMS is a bespoke Content Management System framework that provide a wide range of interchangeable web site management features for use within your company web site.

Liquidus CMS allow you and your staff to create and modify content on your web site without any web design skills, all you need is a web browser and a connection to the world wide web. Today's web sites need to provide up to the minute information for the web savvy consumer and Liquidus CMS help your company achieve this with our range of Content Management Modules.

Liquidus CMS differs from most “off the shelve” Content Management Systems because each element is infinitely customisable to suit your individual business needs. This is vital because no two companies are the same and neither are any two web sites. Whatever your specific requirements are, Liquidus CMS will be able to deliver tomorrow's web solutions today.

Liquidus CMS provides the flexibility to change as your business needs require. Because our CMS is a fully object oriented and multi tiered system, the business logic and processes are loosely coupled to the visual elements of your site. This means that modifications can be made to the core system with very little expense, even after your site is live.

All Liquidus CMS elements are Enterprise Class that are capable of powering very large web sites and small sites alike. Liquidus CMS grow with your business without the need to redevelop code. Liquidus CMS can run as a stand alone system or as part of a distributed server cluster for high traffic sites without any code modifications.

High Impact Design
Design and visual impact is key to the continued success of your companies web site. If customers don’t like what they see or can’t find what they want, then your web site will never be a success. Liquidus CMS does not restrict the design of your site, it can work with any format of design layout; even with your existing design if required. We separates the visual design elements from the business functions, let your creativity guide your visual design, not your Content Management System.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Web companies will lead you to believe that Enterprise Class Management System like ours cost many thousands of pounds to develop and host. However, because Liquidus CMS is a framework, it allows you to pick from our range of interchangeable modules either as native “off the shelve” format or as a customised version tailored to your needs.

Search Engine Optimised
Liquidus CMS features built-in search engine optimisations to allow search engines to read and index your web site quickly and correctly. This means that your site will be found quickly in the search engines, which helps drive traffic to your web site.

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