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My Memory Millionaires

Taking a ride down memory lane, 
skipping, I jump along,
Bumping into visions of still, seem both right and wrong.
Misted sights and waves I hear, 
drift then float away,
Remembering whispers, smiles and tears from a long forgotten day.
Day gone by, not special to most, 
mine, keep safely wrapped,
Magic spilling over the seam, so bright, they change, adapt.
Tipping the cup on the edge of my soul,
balanced fine, so pure.
Something to taste when darkness breeds, it helps but cannot cure.
Little pieces of torn up dreams, 
glide like rising embers,
Seeking the pathway to above, heaven, if each remembers.
Hoping to unite in peaceful flight, 
they climb the glowing stairs,
For that just moment and blinked away, my memory millionaires.

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