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These are just some of my random rambling rhymes. I write these poems and rants mostly on my phone through boredom while commuting and in-between cutting coding. You don't have to read them and if you do, you don't have to like it. Boredom and dead time travelling can do funny things to a programmer.

It`s all in my mind
Air becomes heavy, My body,  My levy. Understanding confusion,  My thoughts,  My illusion. Weight lifting life, My strain, My strife. An indescribable cloud,  My mind,  My shroud. Why did these thought ... Read It`s all in my mind

Thicker than water
Anger with greed and hate, your only weapons, So shallow your thoughts that misery beckons. A narrow mixed up mind all twisted and bruised, Your pathway marked by those people you abused. Always blaming others as it’s never your ... Read Thicker than water

Kiss Christmas dreams a cold goodbye, Such festive thoughts a blinked eye. Darkest mornings long and drawn, Whispers want while words are torn. Frozen fingers frosted glitter, Minds that think they should be fitter. Natures resting shoots ... Read January

Bricks of boredom break his face, Blanked out blinking vacant space. Minutes marking micro milestone, Whispers whining background tone.  Keyboards press the dirty black, Rubbed out letters looking back. Brain diminishing pixel ... Read boredom

Black Friday
It’s hard to believe what we've become, Doorways blockade by the people scrum. Teams of greed feed the balance sheet, Zombies march with their swollen feet. Queues formed for a pointless precious, Boxed up shiny that glitters ... Read Black Friday

Festival Of Life (part 2) Glastonbury 2014
Black tarmac veins help guide people particles peppering Somerset country roads, Signs lead to the story that begins when we unburden our over packaged loads. Swarming together in a common cause of freedom searching for love and ... Read Festival Of Life (part 2) Glastonbury 2014

The Racy Lady
Her mirrored tarmac calls to the racer, Man and machine can not replace her. Her track side knowledge is performance, Rubber defying such physical conformance. Power is tuned and tamed is the beast, Barrels are turned, a cable well ... Read The Racy Lady

Green Eyes
The monster is a beauty and those eye are just amazing, Those eyes are made for fire and inside your fire blazing.  Seeing is wanting all those stolen gifts, and to want is to steal, Your fires keep on burning on borrowed heat thats all you ... Read Green Eyes

Fickle feline
I see, you watch,  Watching over sleep pretend. You feel, I felt,  Feel a stroke of warm intend. I breathe, your breath, Breathing purrs poetic wave. You shout, I run, Rodent for the final grave. I eat, you feed,  Fed the ... Read Fickle feline

Writers Block
Stuck deep inside, my pointless, petulant peril, Wild, yet savagely caged, thoughtless and feral. Drag it from the abyss with hands gripped strong, No right of passage, an emptiness travels along. Just wanting to talk without moving my ... Read Writers Block

The moment of arrival with beautiful survival, And those first tears will raise yours. Sleepless nights and those endless fights, The smallest of us can start wars. Those nappies smell and can really swell, While that first smile was wind ... Read children

Time No.4
Days run with minutes, those seconds slow,  While we want to wish for more. Life goes up in smoke, our time, we know, Discarded moments scatter the floor. Weeks glance back with their stolen treasure, Stories disappear with a life ... Read Time No.4

Love from Earth
Dear part time planet dwellers, This is your mother speaking. You feel my tears leaking, Listen well and hear my voice. Dear specks of dusty people, This is your true god talking. On a tightrope your walking, Only now you feel my ... Read Love from Earth

Natural Symphony
Another day breaks wide open, The musical enrichment of our shared mother. As she shakes her head in vain, While we search spaces vacant between each other. Sweet music keeps playing lifting softly, And in the background warmth will ... Read Natural Symphony

The Office Worker
He sits watching the slow drips of boredom with disbelieving, Dreams can’t lift the heart as his brain is no longer receiving. He sits slumped as he taps with all the passion of road kill,  Wondering words drift in as those clicks ... Read The Office Worker

Dirty Cash
So rotten it rubs away the curl of many child’s smile, That stolen soul steals selfish for the green back. So dirty the stench keeps on drifting for many a mile, Life and death decisions just a wallet where notes lack. So greedy you feel ... Read Dirty Cash

My Days
My day is shaded, softly shaded toasty charcoal wood, Marked with hue of grey and black as only work could. Each day a clouded smudge with an artistic dirty finger, Daily finger painting dreams of hope that won’t linger.  My day ... Read My Days

Time No.3
We can't prevent the past, it does remain, Keys will never release such weighted chain. Time the weight designed to tick-tock insane, Clocks will mark our space but space is vain. Dust is seconds and space light years away, Seasons are adrift ... Read Time No.3

Drink the Ink
One eyed with the enthusiasm of a badly broken bulldozer, Painful the hands, fingers of legs, lethargic and lacking in dexterity. The brain cell that remain become my bodies biggest sympathiser, Madness ... Read Drink the Ink

Now I know a thing or more about sleep deprivation, I helped write the book and herd sheep for the nation.   The heavy weighted weirdness with a rubberised sensation,  Confused by conversation with the heavy hearted indignation. You ... Read Deprivation

Didn’t really sleep again this time for other reasons, Cider mixed with Guinness, blame the warmer seasons. But as my years chase down, edging further, faster, The fermentation damage causes more disaster. The thirst is good and bad, ... Read Day Five

Do things really get much better, As if living life could be worse. Sunshine days appear much wetter, Maggots feed within your purse. Life is more than bills to pay. Life is less then mind decay, Life is great and gods will prey, Life is ... Read Life and Death

Trying not to sleep that much,  Dream the different human touch. Wonder which cold hand to clutch, Words of pain, of love, as such. Again, dismay, decay, Again, repay, today. Again, the pain, insane, Again, remain, restrain. Life ... Read Another Again

Not a simple but single minded stupid, A mocking word from the lips of cupid. An ignorant beast so flawlessly flawed, Even his own words are constantly ignored. Why the same patterns and why the same loops? Huddled together they're collecting ... Read Why

When you don't have much to say, why speak?  And those things don't drift away you keep. When the moonlight grips the dark so weak,  And fears will fall and tears will sleep. When the sun just can't be raised, why try? And when they ... Read When

Awoken with those hurting hands like bits of beaten meat. Head still spinning from my sleep and swaying on my feet. Awoken to discover someone mean has all the colour, Painted vistas, hues of grey, outside my window duller. With things to do ... Read Day Four

The aftermath is a worry to me, Splash images on that hate box TV. Stirring up hate because real hate sells, The EDL, the BNP and other nasty smells. Hatred cuts both ways you know, the cork is under pressure, Both sides of the fence believe ... Read Day Three

Too late to bed and with an early door, Woken so rudely, just seconds to snore. Always a rushing with eyes glued to time, Form links in a queue, the same daily rhyme. Still blinkered, must focus with both windows down, My oxygen staved cells ... Read Day Two

Sleepless rest is broken, This is my daily token. Awake again, that’s how it seems, Twisted sight to split such dreams. With aching hands, and vision of blur, She speaks to me, her words of slur. Alarm clock calls and with the ... Read Day One

Taking and breaking, yet making, never, Those single actions without such clever. Breath in then out, that’s all you've got. Just observing life or helping it rot? We love to drip the drops of death, Excuse, the taste upon each ... Read Progress

Logical reasons mapped out with a tipsy, tardy tapping, Pretending purpose, planned with such careful combinations. The navigator and the actor, neither understand the mapping, Partaking the pretend, I think they call them ... Read The Keyboard

Me the hard stone faced figure me,  A cold hard me. Me, not mine,  Preferring cider, to wine. Me that indestructible chess piece me,  A wooden me. Me, not you,  Preferring both say, and do. Me the tall green ... Read My Many Me

Pumping thoughts inside my head,  Overfed,  Almost dead. Losing ground outside my mind,  Overwind,  Never find. Wanting thoughts to end the fight, Oversight, Gripping tight.  Chasing thoughts beyond ... Read Over

Nothing reflects the light of life and everything is dead, Once crazy thoughts appear quite sane, lay twisted in my head. And one last time I lift my legs upon my tomb, my bed, The peaceful blood just drains away so ponder what it said. That ... Read Depressed

It’s just a smile, all wrapped up in Christmas papers, A wrinkled little gift, given, without such thought. It’s just a smile, but it’s the tallest of scrapers, Everything you known, that’s never been ... Read Its Just A Smile

I want to bounce, much higher and faster, Hit hard and rip those walls of plaster. To bounce my way to a natural disaster, A bounce to tame, the game to master. Yet I don’t bounce well, I’m not a ball, A ball without wings so ... Read The Ball

Blink and wonder as those daily thoughts plunder, You dream of sleeping but pretend while weeping. With a blanket under you catch sleepless thunder, Your mind is leaping while pointless time keeping. You can’t sleep tonight as those ... Read unwrap

Crisp is the air and graceful the tune, The songs on a breeze and a lifted heart. Bright is the sky and gone is the moon, Life starts again with that colourful art. Sweet is the scent and a sky so blue, Flowers wake to the warming ray. Green ... Read Spring

I put down with words, with letters and things,  Pictures of life, those cuts and the stings.   I put down myself, those extinct ambitions,  Quelling those questions with micro transitions. I raise with words, with my hopeless ... Read My Words My Life

It pulls on the mask, with dregs in a flask, Fingers of frisky , they dance but it’s risky. A slurp of the brew, an espresso to chew, Slapping the slap while seeing the slapper.  It laughs for a while, just giggle, don’t ... Read Teaching the Tapper

The cataclysmic fear drips from his face, with a smile, He heads off to a black darkest place, for a while. Legs are burning and the acid pumps, last mile. New dawn breaks with tear filled lakes, war trial.   The sun smiles back with a ... Read The Soldier

The disposition of its content makes a mockery of my life, Letters with words and picture cut sharper than any knife. An internal dawn that beckons my worn out conscious mind, Blink away the troubles and leave those thoughts behind. As every ... Read Just Another Cog

The one near the middle, with friends either side, With bravest bravado, twenty four horses ride. They gallop our painted lands, and in single file, Awaiting more battalions, each one with a style.   Wave upon wave and repeating in ... Read Wild Days

Not the middle, nor the end, My Tuesday plays pretend. Not too wet and not quite dry, Tuesday and its deep deny. Not with vigour, nor glued to chair, My Tuesday pleases my despair. Not breathing fresh, nor of containment, Tuesday laughs, my ... Read My Tuesday

Some prefer to pray to god, as if barking at the moon, Whereas I prefer to sink my soul inside a happy tune. Music is the higher state, a peerless, faultless pleasure, It drifts in with many forms upon our ears to treasure. The second verse, ... Read Music #2

It’s not easy to define, not even with the words I trust, Words yet created, more than love and greater than lust. It’s my utopia that you built for me, constructed so robust,  But it didn’t happen accidently, time ... Read Our Train

So many ticks of time have gone, Since those hearts of soldiers shone. Green fields set with battle scars, Life laid out, their blood is ours. Crimson fields their resting place, Such sacrificing lines we trace. With bravest acts, ... Read Lest We Forget

Whispering thoughts swim around in the dark, Those endless voices with ideas that just spark. Thoughts of a dream will start the wildfires, Imagination releases as you're body slowly tires. Vivid images and soft words in your ... Read Dreams

It’s a funny old world, we hear them say, The worlds not an issue, no, not today. The funny thing is us and I don’t mean to niggle, Let’s laugh at ourselves, go on, have a giggle. What’s so funny, I will share the ... Read When the music stops

We inflict our pain without the pleasure or the glory, There is no happy ending to this lonely human story. Refuse to work together as we prefer the sadness, Just a clever race beyond the destiny of madness. We think we own it all, the moon ... Read Dirty Human Abscess

They dare to preach at us while barking poisonous, crazy dictum Hit squads made easy, just burn a book and tag a victim. A cold book of commands containing confused words of fiction, Immortalised inky passages leading pathways of ... Read God Addiction

From the moment I awoke to your glorious sunrise, That glistening feeling that took my surprise. Piercing my heart with those beautiful eyes, Your love is a gift, those lows and the highs. That very first moment with a prickly drink, Our ... Read My best 12 years

As sleep becomes a fanfare of perpetual, floating madness,  The day trips in and weaves itself between the selfish sadness. And If my eyes were open wide you’d surly share the blindness, Blink away the crazys and prepare the sight of ... Read Life Hope

So sweet and sticky it clings to my lips,  Such creative swagger with gyrating hips.   It marks the page with a coloured trail,  Moist wet words are the wind in my sail.     Dripping from the spoon and covered in ... Read Creative Jam

An expensive cloth cut with scissors golden,  The handmade shoes with laces pure and silky.  Time travellers drifting with the hands they’ve stolen,  I have been taken while the moon is milky.  The timber that ... Read The Wasted

Downwards to the pit of hells fire we go.  Deep into its belly letting darkness grow,  The metal teeth grind as we go lower,  Such sad faces make time appear slower.  Upwards to the heavens it lifts us ... Read The Frown and the Clown

It pulls me down, dragging my eyelids with despair,  I can’t blink it away, as it engulfs my daily care.  It loves to mock, as it removes my supporting chair,  I can’t fight no more, it’s darkness is beyond ... Read Insomniacs Prayer

Light footed steps patter upon the finial place of resting,  Oh how they bath in the glory of yesterday’s gleam.  Too much waste because time is not worth reinvesting,  We love to dance the foxtrot of pure delight it would ... Read The Waste Collector

It first makes impact from the heavens above,  Cascading like tears drops from angels in love.  The impact disperses the watery skins,  Molecules collect so the journey begins.        Tracing it tracks ... Read Drips Drop

Single cell specks catching light just to exist, Insignificant particles, no love, nor lust. Little bits of nothing with no power to resist, Blinding simplification,  We are just dust. Murky muddled mounds down at ground ... Read We Are Just

It seemed quite normal when I awoke, like any other day,  The sun was out, the sky was blue that’s all I have to say.  And as the curtains opened and the beams of light came in,  No hint was there to warn me of the change ... Read The Day the World Changed

With smartest suits made of purest gold, Cast from blackness in a pretentious mould. The bankers lurk prepped and ready to steal, They’ll take your clothes, your very last meal.   Like parasitic predators they consume us ... Read The British Banking System

We all have our own and we each have a reason,  Like a passing of age and the changing of season.  Many have more and yet some just a single,  Drift in with the waves like pieces of shingle.     Waves bring them in ... Read The Reasons

I feel it’s icy fingers creeping up my back,  I know it’s stalking me, following my track.  I feel it’s stone like gaze judging every journey,  I know it’s got control and has power of ... Read Time (2)

The fake gladiators arrive, over prepared and boisterous,  Sealed inside a coffin made of metal and monstrous.  Thinking they have it all, the fake tan and the labels,  Believing the story teller, words of wisdom, those ... Read The Brainless Ball

Growth breeds greed and greed leads despair,  It seems the bigger the fish the less reason to care.  Those with crystal castles, their foundations of contempt,  Each breath stolen they become more life ... Read The Human Condition

Thoughts creep up inside me, tipping toes towards the river,  Sunshine fails the smile and my skin begins to shiver.  And as I search my soul I know my heart cannot deliver,  The rain begins to fall seeking silence, just a ... Read Acid Rain

In the morning when birds burn the opulence,  In the day-time when people search for violence,  In the evening when trees seep condolence,  In the night-time when sleep seeks silence,  An internal plight, My twisted ... Read My Twisted Sight

The knock at door, now let me guess,   Breaking down walls, you must confess.    Sneaking in shadows they drip past the law,   Burrow like worms to settle the score.     What is the reason and why are they ... Read An Anonymous Virus

I’m no artist and I can’t spell so great,  Code of computers, my disappointed fate.    It wants control, to self-learn and grow,   Daytime at midnight, humans seem slow.  Build more instructions, the ... Read Bits Byte

Robotic movements, people made of wood,  Little steps taken,  careful and well placed.   Look before crossing, knowing they should,  Foot printed patterns,  pathways of waste.  Caution and danger, pre-packed ... Read Robotic Steps

Man-made things, fairy-tale kings.  Man-made machine, bright shiny clean.  Man-made disaster, happy ever after.  Man-made care, poisoned air.  Man-made love, blackened dove.  Man-made life, suffer the ... Read Man-made

Thoughts of you swim and swirl,  Dream of ticking time my girl.  A smile, a whisper, those loving lips,  Heart shaped curves, savouring sips.        Your bright sun rises, my birds sing,  Warming ... Read Swim and Swirl

There are two kinds of love in this world for me,  Boundaries of blindness that eyes can’t see.  Two kinds similar, yet distinct and unique,  No golden rules, no special technique.  Love is proudness’, amazing ... Read Two Kinds

You're my defining purpose, my get up and my go, Inside my thoughts everywhere, so clever, you know. Beauty far beyond the craft of any god’s making, My gaze I lay upon you, heart for the taking.   Every smiling face I own can only ... Read The Strength Of You

She’s the path I have chosen for my feet to beat, Flaming red lips of passion I feel the heat. She’s the long winding road, connects memories I visit, With rapid accelerations, motion sickness in transit. She’s the ... Read The Lady I Love

If I was better, I’d do more, If I was better, rich from poor, If I was better, cast away sin, If I was better, always win. If I was worse, I’d hate more, If I was worse, bloody gore, If I was worse, cast dark spell, If I was ... Read If I Was....

Long golden fingers dance on the horizon,  Tickling our landscape, fresh fields emblazon.  Magical rays, complex scientific justification,  Single source of goodness and cause of creation.     Worshiped by all, ... Read The Light Above

The bell marks the start, birds they may sing,  Blink away the soreness, my eyes really sting.  Being surrounded by blurs is strangest thing,  Those nightly dream sounds, still softly ring.     But the daily, samey ... Read The Grinder Machine

No matter how many times, the pathway cut,  We see the same zombies, eyes wide shut.    Dragging each foot, one step at a time,   One follows the other, partners in crime.     Transfixed on their fake prize, ... Read Zombie Nation

If I were a bird with the wind to carry me aloft, I would seek out distances and lift my wings away. If I were a bird with my bright colour plume soft, I would surely just take off without a word to say. If I were a bird with busy nest of ... Read If I Were A Bird

As I cradle many parts, protected gentle in my hands,  Contemplating the pace of time, those rapid, shifting sands.  Fear overcomes such peaceful thoughts, greased and starts to slip,  Watching in slow motion, the balanced scales ... Read Broken Pieces of Me

In our faces every day, shaping our thoughts to perversion,  Writing lying and spreading filth, committing evil conversion.  With darkest spells of witches, evil words they cast,  They find a victim, take aim and fire, with an inky ... Read Magic Toilet Paper

Worshipers of the world, God is this, god is that,  Still believing words created when the world was flat.  Now thou understands how gods are created,  A lack of knowledge that time has reinstated.     In my quest ... Read God Is Not

Big bloated businesses, they all seem the same,  Regardless of their ethos, that’s just a game.  Taking all they can and stealing the rest,  Fat cat directors, they know what’s ... Read Corporate Users

Raining daily upon our dreams, plans are broken, Soften the whispers and shouting trees, words are spoken. Drifting we float around inside, life meandering, Wishing we hope with trembling knees forever pandering. Colours be gone, ... Read Bank Holiday Blues

They darken my door way, blocking each wrong turn,  Their eyes set upon me, a gaze from within.  Each whisper has meaning, a reason to spurn,  Retracting, my mind set, rewind and begin.     Search for the goodness ... Read Shadow People

Ridiculous religious righteousness or a simple political name,  Your reasons matter not to me I class you all the same.  I see your darkness, witnessing self-obsessed justifications,  You plant your blackness while ripping ... Read Life Taker

I know they’re smelly, but you’ll have to admit, When the cheeks part, your sides often split. Laughing at sound, because it’s so funny, An escaping wind, born in your tummy. We have all been there, we’ve done it ... Read Farts are funny!

As my age grows up, I consider more each day, Just how lucky I am, in every detailed way.   Some say blessed by god, if I were a believer, Connected to my own, like a genetic receiver. But as I cast my gaze, I witness those so ... Read Baby Makers

She wonders in my room of darkness, twisting my stomach and lifting my fears,  She talks in my sleep with gentle whispers, she lay softly upon my ears.   She’s the misty river as dusk rolls over and the day morphs into ... Read Who is She

Shiny little keepsakes, held tight, firm grip, Slippery piece of expensive, mind it doesn’t slip. The richest of sources, from the breadth of our lands, A closed off market, gently warming your hands. We all flit towards mother, as ... Read Digital Hiatus

Taking a ride down memory lane,  skipping, I jump along, Bumping into visions of still, seem both right and wrong. Misted sights and waves I hear,  drift then float away, Remembering whispers, smiles and tears from a long forgotten ... Read My Memory Millionaires

Being a dad is coated in dazed amazement,  Adventures of discovery while assist adolescent.  With no right or wrong, just words and a shoulder  Together we can move this life size boulder.      Being a dad is the ... Read Being a Dad

A new season beckons, calling all cars, Trophies for glory, name with the stars. Design and seek, magic downward force,  Splitting the seconds, every brake horse.   Rigorous testing, telescopic space frame, Complex systems, blackbox, ... Read Racing Battles

A stick is just stick, a piece of fallen wood,  Once a leafy shelter, towering proudly stood.    When nature’s breath blows, sticks detach and break,   Scattering wooden trinkets, ready for us to ... Read A Stick is Just A Stick

It's matters little what it is, I want it, I need it,  Latest fashion, the hottest craze, i just need a hit.  Bounce off light each day and night, using all excuses,  Tap me up, fill my cup, brim with the latest ... Read Life Addiction

As I stumble through life I take pictures in my head,  Pictures I can take with me, reminisce the words I’ve said.  Stills of burning embers from the existence of my heart,  A graphical picture story, like a magical moment of ... Read Pictures

Pretentious professionals, prepare each day,  Alone in isolation with nothing to say.  I see efforts of pretending business,  Draining faces, each day I witness.   Creased, cattle clones, a vacant stare,  A little ... Read The Uniform State

Seeing life’s delight is a proper good treat. As the sights and the vision prepare to explode. Do you see mono?  Can colours compete? Open your eyes in full colour mode. Hearing life sing is a truly joyous affair,  Words of ... Read Senses of Life

Words on a page, that all sound the same,  Words for a puzzle, construct a clever game.   Words in a paper, all folded up smart, Words in a book, making stories like art. Words of a whisper, said and wave goodbye, Words in a ... Read Words

Sometimes it feels like realty is playing for the other team. As if life has sold off every piece of happiness on the planet. Sometimes everything seems less shiny and has no gleam, As if everything soft and warm in your life has turned to ... Read Sometimes

“Do I have to go to school today?” Little girls and boys do say! “I feel hot mum, I don’t feel well” You can try, but mum will tell. So off on another exciting journey, Chatting on the bus, driven by ... Read Schools Secret

Like a snail you arrive, house on your back, Laying down slime, where pathways lack. Dragging a new life away from the mire, On hallowed ground, for us to inspire. Mark out your home, green fields will host, Crack open a warm one, the ... Read The Festival of Life

The great leaders and speakers, they will tell, Stories of doom, as if drowning in hell. Quantitative easing, oh what a clever term, Politicians from England, wriggle little worm. Back handed gifts like tokens of love, Passed between ... Read Politicians from England

Life can seem fragile and damaged sometimes, Knowing in the pain of loved one’s last chimes. A dark unfairness, beyond normal thoughts, A corrupted game, where the scores are all noughts. Time revolving backwards, tip toe to the ... Read The Juice of Life

Rock n rock, it’s never dull, Indie dreams, inside your skull. Jazz all dreary, sleepy mire, Music, it will never tire. Techno beats, stamp your feet, Rhythm and blues, insistent beat. Folk complains, for political gain, Music ... Read Music

Pieces of music, sing to my ears. Pieces of laughter, alleviate fears. Pieces of youth, from yesterday’s wish. Pieces of freedom, like the ocean fish. Pieces of cake, aligned and placed. Pieces of dreams, forever I chased. Pieces of ... Read Pieces of Me

From the smallest of seeds, we watch you grow, Leafy gifts unwrap, quench the thirst to know. Root networks develop, delve and meander, Craving life’s drink, an addiction to pander   From the shoots of life, we watch you ... Read Lifetime of a Flower

Numbers and letters arranged for a reason, Meaning and logic a process so cold.   Crafting and shaping regardless of season, Binary madness for you to behold.  Bits are for breakfast with bytes served in tandem, Fingers are ... Read Programmed for Life

A passing of people comparably contrary, Upon their journey to work each day. No nod, no greeting, an anonymous coward, Friends? Maybe if we were empowered. For you are unknown, danger, beware, A face, no name, and why should you ... Read Anonymous Traveller

Knowing your tired, believing in sleep. Day dream at night, forever count sheep.  Blurring the boundaries, confusing your mind.  Ghosts in the shadows, follow behind.  Barely exist in your confusing madness,  Which ... Read Day Dream at Night

Glowing ants, red and white shining in the dark.  Scurrying, simple insects on the roads they park.  Shielded by darkness, the workers and the drones.  Wishes to be somewhere else, for a change of tones.  No gadgets ... Read Insects Jammed

On double tracked pathways, The electric snake passes by. Full of busy strangers, Waiting for time to fly. Heading in all directions,  Bisecting lifeless light. Victims swallowed whole, Digested without a fight. The snake ... Read The Electric Snake

Alarm clocks in the morning, 
Starting up your day. 
... Read Time

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