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Amateur Photography

As you have probably already noticed, I am a keen amateur photographer and I really enjoy all aspects of photography. Recently I bought a new camera body, the excellent Canon 60d to replace our aging 450d and the difference this made to my shots is quite staggering.  The low light and general all round ISO capabilities are very impressive and the extra MP on the sensor is also a welcome benefit.  

I enjoy capturing all different types of shots, anything really. I love macro work and the challenge that this presents the most as it gives me a break from coding as I can just nip out with the dog for 10 minutes and see what’s available for close up’s today! I also love the effect that can be achieved with the fish eye lens even though its uses are limited. 

I have just started delving into the world of digital post production editing.  I have always left Photoshop to my good friend and longtime graphic designer of choice, Lee Hutchings. I stuck to the rather less artistic code monkey role which has some many rules all defined by someone else’s framework to provide something that someone else wants, where’s the fun it that.  
This is one of the main reasons I have taken such a liking to photography because there are no rules, I prefer it that way given a choice.   I’m plan to continue learning all aspect photography and I hope to gain a better understanding of light during this process; who knows it could even become more then a hobby one day.  

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